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Postat pe 30-10-2012

Halloween Items shop launch

For all players who love animated items, we launched a special Halloween series. Items will also be active after Halloween.

Some Image

There are 6 great animates items and 9 inanimate ones, pumpkin, scary wolf, poison in human form, Frankenstein, or the Magic Eye are waiting to get posted next to your avatar.

Happy Halloween!
Gox team

Postat pe 05-10-2012


Every action in the game has to be rewarded, more than with a victory, draw or loss. As such, we created an algorithm for each game which calculates experience.

Some Image

For each activity in the game you earn points that get added to the experience. In order to move to the next level of experience you must fill up the experience bar to the end.

For every 10 levels we also created specific names. E.g.: 1-10 Hamster.

When you play with other players you will know how much experience they have gained from the box in the player's profile.

Good luck with the points!
Gox team

Postat pe 22-07-2012

Poker block bug

We solved the blocking bug lock after one of the game options was chosen (Check, Fold, etc).

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If you encounter any other bugs please contact us at contact@thegox.com with as many details as possible and if possible, include a print screen where the error came up.

Postat pe 07-07-2012

Poker Texas Hold’em launch

We have launched the most loved game of poker: Poker Texas Hold’em.

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Players benefit from the same mechanism through which they come to play from the lobby, and from the same features in the shop and Experience. Experience works differently than the Rummy games, because poker is a much faster game.

A table can hold a maximum of 10 players and a minimum of 2.

May the best hand win!

Postat pe 07-04-2012

Shop launch

We launched the shop for both rummy games.

Some Image

Players can buy various gifts for themselves or other players at the table.

The purchasing mechanism is simple.

Follow the shop icon (a glass symbol) both from the lobby next to the player’s profile as well as in the game room, next to each player’s picture. After selecting a gift from different categories available (drinks, VIP, etc.) you can choose to buy for yourself, for a specific player or for the whole table.