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Postat pe 22-01-2013

Achievements launch

Starting today, every game has its own reward system for your work in the game.

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Structured in 3 levels of difficulty, Bronze - Silver and Gold, each of the 101 Achievements are triggerd proportional to the experience.

At first you have few Achievements available, the rest being activated by advancing to other levels of experience. For example if you pass level 10 experience, more are available and so on, up to level 100.

E.g.: After playing 40 games, after winning 8 times, after having a certain group at rummy or a particular poker hand, etc.

For each shared achievement, you win chips depending on the level you have achieved.

Good luck!
Gox team

Postat pe 07-04-2012

Shop launch

We launched the shop for both rummy games.

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Players can buy various gifts for themselves or other players at the table.

The purchasing mechanism is simple.

Follow the shop icon (a glass symbol) both from the lobby next to the player’s profile as well as in the game room, next to each player’s picture. After selecting a gift from different categories available (drinks, VIP, etc.) you can choose to buy for yourself, for a specific player or for the whole table.