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Postat pe 09-03-2013

Buy chips

Follow the Lobby offers, they are half the price!

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And remember: depending on the amount you want to buy, every game has different deals.

You can buy chips from any game because they are available in all games, as well as if you buy Gold Gox.

Remember one thing: if you bought a permanent item, it is only available in the game where you bought it from.

Postat pe 05-10-2012


Every action in the game has to be rewarded, more than with a victory, draw or loss. As such, we created an algorithm for each game which calculates experience.

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For each activity in the game you earn points that get added to the experience. In order to move to the next level of experience you must fill up the experience bar to the end.

For every 10 levels we also created specific names. E.g.: 1-10 Hamster.

When you play with other players you will know how much experience they have gained from the box in the player's profile.

Good luck with the points!
Gox team

Postat pe 19-03-2012

Open Rummy point system

A player can only display if they have at least 45 points and at least one run.

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A player can only display if they have at least 45 points and at least one run.
Value of discarded tiles:
From 2-9 = 5 points each
From 10 - 13 = 10 points each
One in a run of type 1-2-3 ... = 5 points
1 in a run of type ... 12-13-1 = 10 points
1 in a group = 10 points

A piece Joly has the value of the tile it replaces.
The value of the tiles at the end of the game:
2-9 = 5 points each
10-13 = 10 points each
1 = 25 points
Joly = 50 points

Postat pe 20-05-2011

Time reporting

Want to have more time for moving or arranging tiles?

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Because it is a closed rummy game and you need time for certain moves we thought it would be good to create an opportunity for you so that at some point in the game you have more available time.

Normally you start by having 35 seconds to place your tiles and then you have 15 seconds for each move.

But if you move quickly when moving, your time gets reported for the next moves, but no more than 35 seconds.

Good Luck and Move Fast!
Gox team

Postat pe 10-05-2011

Helping info

In the box to the left, we launched a box which shows 2 kinds of useful information in the game.

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On the one hand, we display your actions in the game (that it is time to draw a new tile, declare doubles, put a tile on the table to discard, expect double exchange). On the other hand, when you are in queue and you are waiting, we display tips for you (disabling sound in the game, the fact that when someone leaves the table, a robot takes their place, tips about using the chat, etc.)

Join the game and you will find out all of these things!

Good luck placing your tiles!
Gox team