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Postat pe 15-02-2013

Permanent items launch

Are you tired of buying an item that is only active for one game session?

Some Image

We have provided a range of 13 super animated items in the shop marked with "Permanent".
You can only purchase them with Gold Gox.

If you do not have enough Gox Gold you can buy them in the game using the option Buy Chips & Gox, button positioned in the top menu, next to Experience. 5 Gox for only $ 1.

Want to stand out?
Choose the coolest animated item!

Postat pe 11-01-2013

Friends ranking launch

Do you have many friends in the game and want to know if you have more chips than them?

Some Image

We launched the rankings between friends on Facebook.

In the lobby you will notice the ranking box in the bottom right. If you do not have enough friends in the game, this is the time to invite them.

Good luck with your chips and may you hold the best place in the ranking!
Gox team

Postat pe 30-10-2012

Halloween Items shop launch

For all players who love animated items, we launched a special Halloween series. Items will also be active after Halloween.

Some Image

There are 6 great animates items and 9 inanimate ones, pumpkin, scary wolf, poison in human form, Frankenstein, or the Magic Eye are waiting to get posted next to your avatar.

Happy Halloween!
Gox team