Terms & conditions

To be able to use the services provided by  www.gox.ro and www.thegox.com you are compelled to:

A. Provide your real, exact and complete data as it is required in the form (forms) of registration.

B. Maintain or renew, when it is necessary, the registration data in order for it to be real, exact and complete. If you will provide information that is not real, inexact and incomplete, the www.thegox.com si www.thegox.com administrators have the right to suspend or cancel your account and to refuse all present or future attempts to use the site.

C. If you use someone else’s name or e-mail address, the registration will be deleted, the access blocked and in case of damages caused to the members of the community, or to the site, your data will be given to the Police and the institutions in charge of the investigation. 

D. You freely agree to use, in many types of printed - audio, video and internet materials - name, surname, the city where you live and the pictures.

You agree NOT TO USE the site and its services in order to

A. Upload, publish and transmit, by any means, any kind of content that is illegal, defamatory, offending, threatening, abusive, vulgar, and obscene and that can affect the privacy of a certain person, stimulate racial or ethnical hatred, or any other type of discrimination, or offend in any other way.

B. Intimidate, offend and deliberately hurt minors.

C. Forge the identification data, or to manipulates it, in order to disguise or hide the origin of any content transmitted via the site.

D. Upload, post, broadcast and transmit, by any means, any content for which you do not own rights to transmit or broadcast in any conditions, under any law system, Romanian or foreign, contractual relations or of trust (such as confidential information, those own by someone, those disclosed as part of the work relations or found under the incidence of confidentiality agreements).

E. Upload, post, broadcast and transmit, by any means, any type of content that encroaches upon any patent or trademark, commercial secret, author’s right or any other owning rights of any of the parts.

F. Upload, post, broadcast and transmit, by any means, any type of advertisement, promotional materials, “junk mail”, “spam”, chain letters, pyramidal schemes, or any other form of demands, except the parts of the services that are intended to be used in such way. 

G. Upload, post, broadcast and transmit, by any means, any material that contains viruses and any other type of code, folders and programs that are intended to destroy, interrupt or limit the function of any software, hardware components and telecommunicating equipment. 

H. Interfere with, or interrupt the services, the servers or the networks connected to the site.

I. Intentionally or not, break any local, national or international law, including, but not limited to, any regulation that has the value of a law.

J. Collect or deposit personal data of the other members using the www.thegox.com si www.thegox.com services.

K. Promote or provide information about how illegal activities unfold, promote psychical or verbal damages against any group or individual, promote any act of cruelty towards animals. This may include, but it is not limited to, providing information about making, buying or assembling bombs, grenades or other types of weapons and creating clone sites.

L. Have multiple accounts on the site.

M. Engage in trading activities, without the permission of the www.thegox.com si www.thegox.com ‘s administrator, offering for sale any kind of products or services. 

N. Organize contests and lotteries

Juridical responsibility. Compensations

1. The editors and users of www.thegox.com and www.thegox.com are the only responsible of the information posted on the site.

Each www www.thegox.com and www.thegox.com user is directly responsible for any type of damage: material or of image, but without being limited at these, being obliged to cover the trial expenses and any other expenses that may appear as a result of the breaking of the law by the user, as well as the clauses in the present document.

thegox.com is exonerated by any responsibility in case of the damages caused by the users/players in the situations mentioned above. 

2. You agree to compensate and to protect the thegox.com services, the partners and employees of any demands and requests, including trial expenses or payments for the lawyers, made by a third person or organisation because of the content of the messages posted, or the usage of the services provided by the site, the connections to the site, and the violation of these rules or any other rights of this third person. 

3. The living individuals or legal entities that break the rules of this present contract will be under the law in force in Romania, the authors’ rights. 

4. The copying, reproduction, recompilation, distribution, publishing, posting, modification, and the creation of components or products or complete derived services is forbidden, as well as any way of exploiting www.thegox.com and www.thegox.com , except the posting on a personal computer and printing and downloading, for personal and non commercial using, of certain documents or information explicitly designed for this purpose, with the specification that all the mentioned elements referring to the intellectual rights, and any other ownership rights and the conditions of usage of the documents and information, will remain unmodified. 

5. Any other media can use the information posted on the site only if the mention: “Source: www.thegox.com and www.thegox.com " is visibly posted. 

6. The elements available for download, the pictures, sounds, audio-video recordings, and the streaming go under the incidence of the author’s law. To partially or entirely use any of them you need the written approval of www.thegox.com and www.thegox.com. Not obeying this rule can generate conflict that the site will try to solve at first amiably, and then legally. 

7. According to Law No.677/2001 about the protection of the person, related to the processing and free traffic of this personal data, modified and completed, and the Law no.506/2004 about the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the domain of electronic communication,  www.thegox.com and www.thegox.com has the obligation of safely administrating them, and only for the specified reasons, the personal data you provide to us. The goal of collecting this data is advertising, marketing and publicity, as well as promotional campaigns and giving away prizes. 

The information registered is recorded so that the operator can use it, and communicate it only to the following: the operator’s representative, the contract partners of the operator and the public when publishing the winner’s list offered during the promotional campaigns.

According to Law no. 677/2001, you have the right to access; change the data, the right not to be the subject of an individual decision and the right to address justice. You also have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data and to demand its deletion. 

To exert these rights, you may address a written request, dated and signed at contact@thegox.com.

You also have the right to address justice. 

If some of your data is incorrect, please inform us as soon as possible.